Sunday, 31 July 2016

Reduce Size of Image Without Affecting Quality (Easiest Way)...

Filling Up Some Online Application Form & Got Stuck How To Upload Image Below 100KB (Or Something Like That). Well, you have to Reduce the Image Size.

Now If Someone don't know right method to do it, probably s/he will end up with destroying the Image.
There are bunch of software are available online to reduce image size but today I'm going to show you easiest way to reduce the size of an Image.

Fortunately It Takes Maximum Two Steps To Reduce Size of a Image, Which are As Follows-

Step 1. Reduce Pixels (From Camera Settings) of Your Camera before Capturing Image (1.2MP would be fine).
Basically reducing pixels doesn't affect quality(only a little bit) of image, it only affects it's zooming ability.
As in application form there is no need of zooming, so don't worry about that.

Below are two Images Captured with Same Camera-
         (Camera 8MP                          (Camera 1.2MP
          Size 1.35MB)                             Size 180KB)

Keep Reducing Pixels Until You get Required Size.

Can't Reduce Further Proceed to 2nd Step.

Step 2. This Step Requires MS Paint.

              Hit 'Ctrl+S'

                                                      (Size 75KB)

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