Wednesday, 27 July 2016

KB/s OR Kbps...

I have seen many people considering KB/s & Kbps same thing...
Well it's NOT...
So what is the difference,
Basically, Kbps stand for Kilo Bit per Sec. (generally operators show their promised speed in Kbps)
          and KB/s stand for Kilo Byte per Sec. (generally browser and download manager show speed in KB/s)
You see that it's only bit and byte.

Now if you recall you should have learnt that 
                          1 Byte = 8Bit

It means if an operator promised you to give upto 512Kbps (Looks BIG) speed your download manager give you speed upto 64KB/s

Note:Same applies to MB/s & Mbps

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