Thursday, 28 July 2016

....And Your PC won't Hurt You Again [WINDOWS]

Microsoft’s world winning OS can be called many things, but ‘lightweight and speedy’ is not one of them. Windows has an unfortunate tendency towards bloating and sluggishness, and can very quickly feel outdated if not properly maintained.

Today I'm going to show You some Simple but Essential steps.
Follow Below Steps & Believe me Your PC won't Hurt You Again!!!

1. Have a System Care Software

    There are too many system care software on internet(countless).But I don't care about them neither I want You to.
I'll give you a descent one it is known as ASC(Advance System Care) 

If you have not used this software before, you see a good result in first run.
If you can afford this buy here
If you can't, download crack version from here or here

2. Update Your PC Software
    We use a no. of software in our PC updating each one is very tedious task, So here is a list of software we use frequently which must be upto date.
   1.Your Default Internet Browser 
         like Chrome, Opera, Firefox & at last Internet Explorer (Really!!)

    2.Your Media Player
                    (of course it's VLC, isn't it.)

    3.Your E-Book Reader 
                                     (If you love to read)
       Download Fastest E-Book Reader
   4. DirectX
(You use your PC for Gaming & CAD/CAM keep your DirectX updated)

   5.Your Image Viewer 
       Download Fast & Stylish Image Viewer

3. Install AdBlocker on Your Browser

         Have not yet, DO this right now. It removes advertisement, block irritating popups & reduce Data consumption (By not showing ads)

    For Chrome Browser Click Here 

    For Opera Click Here
    For Firefox Click Here

4. Update Drivers

    Outdated drivers can reduce the performance of your PC, update them.
Wondering how to do that, download Driver Talent Pro and it will do rest.

Note: "Only Install Stable Version of Drivers Not Beta OR Experimental Version"

5. Windows Defender is Enough

      If You're The Guy Who do not Roaming Around Internet Visiting Harmful Websites, Downloading Unknown Software & only use your PC for Gaming, Movie, Music etc. Then MS Windows defender is enough for you.

If you have purchased an Antivirus that is good but if you have an outdated and free Antivirus believe me it will slow down your PC & Probably windows defender would work better.

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